Thursday, March 3, 2011

Procrastination by planning my summer research

I think I am fast running out of steam.  There is only one week left until finals and I cannot focus.  It feels like I am so overwhelmed I do not know where to start.  Poster?  Proposal edits?  Study for exam? Prepare for a presentation?  Or….stare into the abyss and think about my summer research!

 I had hoped to go down to Oregon over spring break so I could see the sage-grouse males doing their dance to entice hens, but alas, my funds are nearly depleted.  In addition, before I make any lengthy road trips with my truck, I want it looked over by one of my mechanically inclined male friends or a mechanic at a shop.  I sure would hate to break down somewhere in those many places where it seems you are the sole occupant of the world… and my phone has no service.  (I do plan to get my CB installed for just such an instance however.)

One thing that pumps me up is thinking about next quarter.  If all is approved, I am only taking one lecture based course: Resource Analysis, and then Field Methods.  Now, Field Methods will comprise of some local work (hopefully) in the areas surrounding Ellensburg to familiarize myself with vegetation and ground survey methods to take with me to Oregon.  This independent course is a chance to earn credit for the work I am doing in May to set up exclosures, with the assistance of the Burns District. I will also collect some initial vegetation and ground survey data.  And, of course familiarize myself with the beautiful landscape. I hope to hike around and catch a glimpse of some Kigers!

My proposal and plans for this summer are coming together nicely.  Now, if I can only make it through the next two weeks…

(Enjoy the sage-grouse display below!)

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