Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hoping on adoption

My dad called me this morning asking if I knew anyone with a stock trailer. He is hoping to pick up a second job and start saving to adopt a Kiger mustang this fall. His adopted his last Kiger, a magnificent 8 year old stud, at Lynden, Washington when the Adopt-a-horse program was making its rounds. This was in May of 2005. My dad loved that horse. I remember that he would sit for hours down in the shelter while Kody ate. Since my dad had never handled a wild horse before, gentling was a slow process. I think there were times when he got very frustrated because of it.

My parents hired a trainer to come out, but his methods were old and cruel. They consisted of roping Kody and trying to overcome him with force. Needless to say, that did not work, and I believe it set my dad back a few weeks. They finally hired another trainer, someone well-known, but I can't remember his name. All I remember was that my mom wished I'd been there, because he was cute! He did much better with Kody, and helped my dad get on track. By 2008 (and maybe earlier, since I wasn't living at home it's hard to keep track of Kody's timeline) my dad was able to pet him, brush him, somewhat lead him, and pick up his feet. This older wild horse, which had even kicked me at one time, was just the most lovable thing. He loved attention and had the kindest eye.

Unfortunately, my parents fell on hard times. Being a truck driver, it's hard for my dad to always have consistent work. Therefore, in 2009 dad gave Kody away to a Kiger breeder. I think she bred him a couple times, and according to dad, sold him to someone in Eastern Washington. I'm sure has made a great horse for whoever has him!

Now, dad is hoping to pick up another Kiger this fall to give it another try. He regrets giving Kody away. At least now he will know what to expect in gentling a wild horse. He is looking forward to the unbreakable bond that can be made. I am excited for him. I hope he can go through with it. I cannot adopt one myself at this time, but it would be great for me to be able to learn through my dad more about the process.


  1. Would your dad be interested in the Kiger gelding that I have? We just really need to re-home him. I can assist in transportation too.

  2. Is this that same Kiger you've been trying to re-home for a while? I think my dad had actually contacted you about him before because he liked the looks of him. Not sure if he still interested. I'll ask him though :0)

  3. I don't recall your dad, but I wouldn't be surprised...I've had him quite some was supposed to be temporary...the horse market is so poor that I haven't been able to find anyone interested in any price. We're just feeding him...and feeding him. He needs to bond with someone; I just don't have the time. We just want to see him to somewhere where he can become who he's supposed to be.

  4. Here are some pics of him on my Flickr acct:

  5. Thank you! I sent all of that over to my Dad. He sure is a beautiful horse!